Safety is not just a box to tick. It is taking care of the people in your organization.

Whether you have a reason to be worried, you want to invest in strengthening your safety culture, or you want to make sure that there is a shared understanding around safety regardless of level and seniority, this Pulse can give you answers. See the breakdown of work patterns and identify where current risks to safety lie, co-create a safety program with your employees using their input and listening to their concerns and identify potential future risks before they manifest. Having at your disposal holistic patterns that involve the whole organisation lets you find potential threats to safety even when they are in unexpected places.

Our Pulses are all designed to enable Cogntive Edge’s powerful, yet simple theory of change.  In short: what do we need to change to create fewer of the negative stories that keep us stuck, and more of the positive stories that move us forward? The SAFETY Pulse is no exception.  The stories of people’s actual experiences, both positive and negative, gives you a unique ability to understand attitudes related to day to day work experiences offering you a leading indicator for safety.

The PULSE includes:
  • A unique and responsive tool to gather people’s stories in real time and help you understand how your people feel about the health of your organization, based on real experiences
  • Real-time data that provides both a big-picture overview of wellbeing patterns in your organization as well as people’s actual stories to provide context and actionable insight
  • A dashboard for quick access to the data and high-level executive/management interaction and viewing
  • A Cognitive Edge Wellbeing PULSE handbook to help you and your team understand and make sense of data patterns
  • A 60-minute online mentoring session to provide further guidance, especially in applying the theory of change based on your data
The PULSE Handbook includes:
  • Overall description of the theory behind PULSE and the signifiers used
  • Guidance on the interpretation of the different data patterns
  • Support on how to run a workshop using the data
  • Tips on how to engage people in the capturing and sense-making process
  • A basic introduction into the Vector Theory of Change (how do we get more stories like these, fewer like those)

Our Pulses provide great value and options in a user-friendly package. If, however, you need anything additional, we are ready to support you.  If you work in an especially complex environment, or if you are new to sense-making and feel like you need more in-depth guidance from an expert, contact us to find out about the other value-adding options we can offer. Read more

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