CULTURE Pulse with Gaping Void

  • Does your organizational culture support your business goals?
  • Would you like to make your culture visible, understandable, and changeable?
  • Have traditional employee questionnaires failed to deliver actionable insights?

The Culture Pulse differs from a questionnaire or typical survey, not just because of our data collection methods and patented SenseMaker design, but because it is made to get to the stories, positive or critical, that mean something to your people. The process is kicked off by a unique set of Gapingvoid cartoons that pack deep truths in a funny package. The Pulse gives you insight on what your colleagues really think, what core principles they base their daily work on, and if they have a real connection with your business or not. It visualizes the current cultural patterns in your organization, both positive and negative.  

These patterns, like contours on a map, enables you to chart an evolutionary course towards a desirable future direction, and helps you identify where small changes or nudges could have the biggest cultural impact. If you choose to scan your culture continuously and not just as a once-off, culturePulse will show you the impact of your interventions, and if your culture is evolving into the desired direction.

The PULSE  includes:
  • A unique and responsive tool to gather people’s stories in real time and help you understand your organizational culture, based on real stories
  • Real-time data that provides a both a big-picture overview of wellbeing patterns in your organization as well as people’s actual stories to provide context and actionable insight
  • A dashboard for quick access to the data and high-level executive/management interaction and viewing
  • A Cognitive Edge Wellbeing PULSE handbook to help you and your team understand and make sense of data patterns
  • A 60-minute online mentoring session to provide further guidance, especially in applying the theory of change based on your data
The PULSE  handbook includes:
  • Overall description of the theory behind PULSE and the signifiers used
  • Guidance on the interpretation of the different data patterns
  • Support on how to run an workshop using the data
  • Tips on how to engage people in the capturing and sense-making process
  • A basic introduction into the Vector Theory of Change (how do we get more stories like these, fewer like those)

Our Pulses provide great value and options in a user-friendly package. If, however, you need anything additional, we are ready to support you.  If you work in an especially complex environment, or if you are new to sense-making and feel like you need more in-depth guidance from an expert, contact us to find out about the other value-adding options we can offer. Read more

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