Optional extras

Our Pulses give you the power of choice in a user-friendly package, but if you need more we won’t leave you alone. Do you work in an especially complex environment? Are you new to sense-making and feel like you need guidance from an expert? Then there are many more value-adding options for you.

  • If you are using a Pulse version with cartoons then we can supply you with display-quality cartoons for reception areas or social spaces to be used for sharing, discussing, and strengthening ideas
  • Additional online mentoring sessions
  • An interpretative workshop run by one of our domain consultants, which will include basic mentor-type training to allow you to scale the approach.
  • Full two-day training session in complexity, SenseMaker® and narrative work for your staff
  • A basic report in which one of our domain consultants will spend time working with the data and also talking with you. They will then lead an online session walking you through their initial impressions and provide guidance on how to move forward - this approach can help you kick-start the analytical and interpretative process
  • A premium report in which we will work with you to review your data, analyse it and come up with a series of conclusions, questions and suggestions. We will also take part in three hour-long online discussion sessions about the report with different audiences
  • A platinum report that incorporates the premium reporting as well as an interpretative workshop and executive presentation. In this option the report is designed as a board-level document
  • One of our domain consultants works with you over several weeks to build specific analysis, reporting and monitoring for use in operational systems

If you are interested in any of the options, please drop us a line

Going beyond the Pulse

If you are a premium member of the Cognitive Edge network you will have access to an online forum, where tags can guide you to the topics that are relative to your interests and where you can share your experiences.

We can create a customized Pulse for you by co-creating specific signifiers and other capture mechanisms for your unique application – we recommend you run the basic version first. Customized pulses differ from off-the-shelf products in the design process as well as in pricing.

Cognitive Edge can work with you and your IT staff to take any Pulse and incorporate it into operational systems for continuous monitoring – an initial consultation on this is free once you have completed two pulses over a given time interval

Working with our partner Gaping Void we can use their art work and your stories to create physical spaces and interaction environments as a part of internal  change programmes. Price for this is on application.