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  • How do you know if you are actually being agile and not just using the language?
  • Are you trying to adopt new practices but are worried about the pressure being heavy on your employees?
  • Are you not seeing the benefits you expected?

If you are being agile, there should be observable effects on your organisation that can be seen in the stories people tell. With this Pulse you can use the collective power of these stories to reveal the direction you are moving in. See how you can correct your course to stay on the path and identify where the biggest obstacles lie. This Pulse will enable you to track your process as travel, not as destination and reach the potential Agile has to offer.


  • Website for capturing data, open for 8 weeks maximum, or one-year, after having started the capture. Options available for 100, 200, 500 or 1000 users
  • Standard Shiny site, with basic reporting capabilities
  • Pulse Handbook on how to interpret the results of a Pulse
  • iPad download of the whole dataset, and separate by MCQ
  • One hour online coaching session to discuss the interpretation of the results of the Pulse


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