CULTURE Pulse with Gaping Void

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  • Do you understand why everyone is going on about organizational culture? Would you like to see what it means for your organization?
  • Obtain the information you need to make your culture visible, understandable, and changeable in practice
  • Nourish the culture that will protect you in an uncertain future

Do you need to understand what it means to you and your people? Do you wonder if there are deep divisions that are hidden from your eyes? Do people share core principles and ways of being in your organization or are they disconnected? Finally, are their views and reactions perhaps too similar, giving you no alternatives in case there is a radical change? Visualise the patterns of your culture, so that you will know what changes in your organizational environment will bring it to an optimal state for adaptiveness and preparedness.


  • Website for capturing data, open for 8 weeks maximum, or one-year, after having started the capture. Options available for 100, 200, 500 or 1000 users
  • Standard Shiny site, with basic reporting capabilities
  • Pulse Handbook on how to interpret the results of a Pulse
  • iPad download of the whole dataset, and separate by MCQ
  • One hour online coaching session to discuss the interpretation of the results of the Pulse


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