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Safety is not just a box to tick. It is taking care of the people in your organization.

Whether you have a reason to be worried, you want to invest in strengthening your safety culture, or you want to make sure that there is a shared understanding around safety regardless of level and seniority, this Pulse can give you answers. See the breakdown of work patterns and identify where current risks to safety lie, co-create a safety program with your employees using their input and listening to their concerns and identify potential future risks before they manifest. Having at your disposal holistic patterns that involve the whole organisation lets you find potential threats to safety even when they are in unexpected places.


  • Website for capturing data, open for 8 weeks maximum, or one-year, after having started the capture. Options available for 100, 200, 500 or 1000 users
  • Standard data dashboard site, with basic reporting capabilities
  • Pulse Handbook on how to interpret the results of a Pulse
  • One hour online coaching session to discuss the interpretation of the results of the Pulse